Artwork by James Douglass Haley

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Art Gallery

     The Artwork of James Douglass Haley on page 08 features Aviation Photographs.

To contact the Artist: JAMES DOUGLASS HALEY 3228 OLIVER ST., NW, WASHINGTON, DC, 20015 (202)-966-8760

E-Mail: or

Checkerboard Radial Engine (Photograph)

Teddy Bear Is The Pilot (Photograph)

U.S. Army Golden Knight (Photograph)

U.S.A.F. Gulfstream V (Photograph)

Boeing C-135 A.W.A.C.S. Radome (Photograph)

North American P-51D Mustang (Photograph)

Apollo Astronaut (Photograph)

U-2 and Pilot's Uniform (Photograph)

General Dynamics F-111 Raven (Photograph)

North American B-25 (Photograph)

Boeing B-2 (Photograph)

Tactical Air Command F-15 Eagle (Photograph)

Rockwell B1-B Lancer (Photograph)

Boeing B-2 Introduction at Andrews A.F.B. (Photograph)

Lockeed P-38 Lightning (Photograph)

Blue Angels "Dirty Configuration" (Photograph)

McDonnell-Douglas C-17 (Photograph)

Flying Model of a Pterodactyl (Photograph)

Lockeed F-117A 01 & 02 (Photographs)

Vought F4-U Corsair 01 (Photograph)

U.S.A.F. T-33 Thunderbird (Photograph)

Mitsubushi Zero (Photograph)

Vought F4-U Corsair 02 (Photograph)

Douglas DC-3 01 (Photograph)

Lockeed Constellation (Photograph)

PB-Y Catalina Flying Boat (Photograph)

Douglas DC-3 02 (Photograph)

Lockeed SR-71 Blackbird (Photograph)

Lockeed U-2 Spyplane (Photograph)

Lockeed YF-22 Prototype (Photograph)