Artwork by James Douglass Haley

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Art Gallery

    The Artwork of James Douglass Haley on page 16 features Parakeet Photographs and Photographic Collages.

To contact the Artist: JAMES DOUGLASS HALEY 3228 OLIVER ST., NW, WASHINGTON, DC, 20015 (202)-966-8760

E-Mail: or

Pardon Me While I Sleep (Photograph)

Don't I Look Magnificent? (Photograph)

I'm Arranging My Feathers (Photograph)

Plotting To Escape (Photograph)

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful (Photograph)

This Is My Romaine Lettuce (Photograph)

Sitting On Top Of The World (Photograph)

Dreaming About Millet (Photograph)

A Young Couple In Love (Photograph)

The Magnificent Seven (Photographic Collage)

Ten Tiny Troopers (Photographic Collage)

Nine Neighbors (Photographic Collage)

Our Christmas Card (Photographic Collage)

Parakeets Global Adventure (Photographic Collage)

We Love Our Window (Photographic Collage)

We Love Apples Too 01 (Photographic Collage)

We Love Apples Too 02 (Photographic Collage)

Seven Supermodels (Photographic Collage)

We Love Apples Too 03 (Photographic Collage)

Parakeet Xmas Wreath (Photographic Collage)

We're Going To Eat All Of This Lettuce (Photograph)

Feeding Frenzy 01 (Photographic Collage)

Five Feathered Friends (Photograph)

Feeding Frenzy 02 (Photographic Collage)

Seven Superheroes (Photographic Collage)

Looking Out Of Our Window (Photographic Collage)

Eight Elderbirds (Photgraphic Collage)

Flock Of Fifteen (Photographic Collage)

Seven Songbirds (Photographic Collage)

Parakeet Paradise (Photographic Collage)