Artwork by James Douglass Haley

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Art Gallery

    The Artwork of James Douglass Haley on Page 14 features Musical Instrument Photographic Collages created from Barbara's Guitars in Washington DC for an installation and year long exhibition of these Photographic Collages and CD cover designs.

To contact the Artist: JAMES DOUGLASS HALEY 3228 OLIVER ST., NW, WASHINGTON, DC, 20015 (202)-966-8760

E-Mail: or

Pedal Steel Guitar 01 (Photographic Collage)

Pedal Steel Guitar (Photographic Collage)

Art Deco Instruments 01 (Photographic Collage)

Wall Of Sound 01 (Photographic Collage)

Wall Of Sound 02 (Photographic Collage)

Wall Of Sound 03 (Photographic Collage)

Vintage Guitars 01 (Photographic Collage)

Vintage Guitars 02 (Photographic Collage)

Bass Reflection (Photographic Collage)

Collectable Instruments 01 (Photographic Collage)

Collectable Guitars (Photographic Collage)

Art Deco Instruments 02 (Photographic Collage)

Guitars Discover Cubism 01 (Photographic Collage)

Guitars Discover Cubism 02 (Photographic Collage)

Guitars Discover Cubism 03 (Photographic Collage)

Guitars Discover Cubism 04 (Photographic Collage)

Collectable Instruments 02 (Photographic Collage)

Collectable Instruments 03 (Photographic Collage)