Artwork by James Douglass Haley

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Art Gallery

    The Artwork of James Douglass Haley on page 13 features Science Fiction Landscapes created with Bryce 3D.

To contact the Artist: JAMES DOUGLASS HALEY 3228 OLIVER ST., NW, WASHINGTON, DC, 20015 (202)-966-8760

E-Mail: or

Submarine (Bryce 3D)

Jupiter Stone Habitat (Bryce 3D)

Saturn Radar Station (Bryce 3D)

Neptune Weather Outpost (Bryce 3D)

Solar Warning Buoy (Bryce 3D)

UFO Visiting Stonehenge (Bryce 3D)

The Statue Of Liberty 9,999 AD (Bryce 3D)

Alien Embryo (Bryce 3D)

Uranus Arctic Outpost (Bryce 3D)

Dreamscape (Bryce 3D)

Martian Mining Facility (Bryce 3D)

Lunar Magnetic Array (Bryce 3D)

Mercury Monolith (Bryce 3D)

Orion Observation Post (Bryce 3D)

First Contact 01 (Bryce 3D)

Mercury Nuclear Free Zone (Bryce 3D)

Stargate 01 (Bryce 3D)

Island Lighthouse

Gravity's Rainbow 03 (Bryce 3D)

Time Travel Portal (Bryce 3D)

Alien Border Fence (Bryce 3D)

Twin Sun Temple (Bryce 3D)

Uranus Signal Array (Bryce 3D)

Exploring Uranus (Bryce 3D)

Three Stargates (Bryce 3D)

Jupiter Casino (Bryce 3D)

Gravity's Rainbow 02 (Bryce 3D)

Fleet Arrival at the Dome (Bryce 3D)

First Contact 02 (Bryce 3D)

Warning: This Is A Planetary Nuclear Dead Zone (Bryce 3D)

Saturn Observation Beacon

Wall Of Illusion